My Background
I've been working in factual programmes for about 20 years, first in arts programming and then - since 1990 - in observational documentaries. For most of the 90s I worked mostly at one company, called Touch Productions, where I worked across a range of very successful and popular films and series. I got the first job because I spoke good Spanish: they were developing a series for Channel 4 about the Costa del Sol and the huge British expatriate community there. The first programme in that series - Coast of Dreams - became the highest rating to date, with an audience of nearly 8 million!

After years of searching for my metier, I'd found it in human interest documentaries. At Touch I worked on all kinds of films, ranging from singles for BBC1's Inside Story through to series exploring tourism commissioned in the wake of the success of Coast of Dreams. When I left Touch in 1998, I worked as director on popular series like Pet Rescue and then Children's Hospital - both famous training grounds for new directors.

Then in 2002 I was offered my first "long form documentary" for BBC2 through BBC Scotland. It was to mark the fortieth anniversary of the withdrawal of Thalidomide, the drug which led to perhaps 10,000 babies being born worldwide without arms and legs. This was my big chance, and I seized it. Called "
Thalidomide: Life at 40", it was nominated for a BAFTA in the Flaherty Category for best documentary as well as a Broadcast Award, and I haven't really looked back!

I want my work to address challenging subjects but to avoid being preachy or worthy. I love stories with strong narratives to draw in the viewer which ask questions about the way we live. My first
ONE Life was about dwarf Caroline's journey to meet others like herself, but it was also about the profound effect that body image has on the individual. The latest, Dancing on Wheels, was about a dancing competition, but it also asked whether happiness is to do with what you have or your attitude to life - and the answer was a surprising one for many, I hope.

If you'd like to know more about me and what makes me tick, please download my